Teresa  composes whimsical illustrations that manifest from the spirit within. She immerses herself in her art and it becomes a healing experience for her as the artist. As the artistic process is a part of her soul, she is a sole part of her process.

She plays a game with the viewer. Life attempts to direct us to the serious side of ourselves. One needs a sense of humor to guide us into a magical world that will reinvent, recreate and rediscover who we are in a more positive realm. This is her intention.

Teresa is a current member of SCBWI, and has been for 6 years. Here she developed her experience in the fields of illustration and writing. She graduated from CSUN with a Bachelors of Arts in Art. Teresa has also had training in Art at the California Institute of Art.

She has illustrated, “Beyond the Easy Answer, Revised Edition,” written by Richard Weintraub.


My work resembles whimsical illustration.

My favorite mediums are gouache, watercolor and oil because they are the most adaptable. They give an effect that works well with the style of my illustrations. I enjoy the work I do because it represents the inner child and the voice of the heart. My work is for children, as well as, adults. It focuses on events and concepts that both children and adults can listen to, acknowledge or visualize. Other people inspire me through their actions, statements, aspirations and needs. My goal is to bring those to light and touch others with that inspiration.

The main pattern in my work is the personality, or the whimsicality. My work has similar colors, textures, media, and patterns. When I do a series, the materials, style, techniques and themes are similar throughout. Each piece reveals a version of the theme.

I have found my style on my own. My current work is growing and developing from my previous work. It has developed through constant challenge and experience in the process of creating. I am exploring my style and going forward by continually developing and rediscovering ideas, connections and concepts in my work and the world around me.

Reinvent. Recreate. Rediscover.

Teresa Lakier
Teresa Lakier